UTAC and AEM Announce New CMOS Image Sensor Test System Solution – EEJournal

UTAC Holdings Ltd. (UTAC), a global provider of semiconductor assembly and test services, announces a new cost-effective, next-generation test system solution for CMOS image sensors. The test solution was jointly developed by AEM, a leading provider of semiconductor testing and handling solutions based in Singapore.

Driven by the growing demand for advanced image sensors in applications such as security, automotive safety, autonomous vehicles and industrial applications, CMOS image sensor products are expected to experience significant growth over the decade and beyond.

Assembly and testing of CMOS image sensors is UTAC’s main growth area. UTAC is already in the production of large-scale assembly of image sensors for the automotive and industrial markets.

Chandran Nair, CEO of AEM comments, “We delivered our fully integrated CMOS image sensor test cell to UTAC in 2021, complete with tester, illuminator and manipulator. As a global leader in testing innovation, we provide application-specific solutions based on common technology blocks to meet our customers’ needs. We have a strong partnership with UTAC, and we believe that together we can provide world-class support to our customers to ensure their success.

“We have been assembling and testing CMOS image sensors for a long time. This enhanced test solution will allow us to address future high-resolution devices as well as increase our test capacity and throughput. This new system reinforces our commitment to providing next-generation, cost-effective, turnkey assembly and test solutions to current and future CMOS image sensor customers,” said Dr. John Nelson, President and CEO. of the UTAC group.

About AEM
AEM is a global leader in testing innovation. We provide the most comprehensive semiconductor and electronics test solutions based on best-in-class technologies, processes and customer support. AEM has a global presence in Asia, Europe and the United States. With manufacturing plants located in Singapore, Malaysia (Penang), Indonesia (Batam), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), China (Suzhou) and Finland (Lieto), and a global support network technical, sales offices, associates and distributors, we offer our customers a robust and resilient ecosystem of innovation and testing support.

Michael C. Garrison