Google Search Console logging issue may cause poor image search performance data

As of January 24, 2022 and still ongoing, Google said there was a “logging issue” with Google’s “Image Search Data” that may be causing a drop in the number of clicks and impressions you see in your Google Search Console performance reports. for pictures. This is simply a reporting issue and has no impact on actual rankings or Google search traffic.

The problem. Google wrote “The search data for images is affected by a logging issue that could cause you to see a drop in clicks and impressions for images on your site in the performance report.” This issue started on Monday January 24, 2022 and is still ongoing.

Working on a fix. Google said the search company is “working to fix this issue.” Google fixed the issue and data between January 24 and 27 was impacted, data before or after this period should be correct.

No impact in Google search. Google has confirmed that this “issue is a logging-only issue.” Google added that “this does not reflect a decline in user behavior or search results on Google.”

Why we care. If you’re seeing a drop in clicks and impressions for your image searches in performance reports, this is a logging bug, not a ranking issue. Please annotate your reports and communicate these issues to your stakeholders.

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