Google Reverse Image Search: How to Perform Reverse Image Search on Your Android Mobile, iPhone

Google’s reverse image search is a nifty little feature that can be used to find the origin, purpose, and other details of an image on the web. But, how do you do Google reverse image search? If you are not sure, below is a simple step-by-step guide that can help you reverse image search using Google app and browser. This feature has been part of the search engine giant’s Image Search for years and is compatible with just about every device, including mobile, PC, and even the web. So without further ado, let’s take a look at Google’s reverse image search.

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What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search basically helps you find the source of the image, or where Google planted the image from in your search result. It also helps you find more images that are relevant to your topic, with more detail about what you really want. But that’s not all, in our age of misinformation spreading like wildfire, you can cross-check any image sent to you using Google’s reverse image search to see if it’s real or a fake. transformed image.

How to Reverse Image Search on Laptop/PC

Using a browser compatible with Google reverse image reverse search

Not all browsers support reverse image search, but be aware that those that do are available on most devices. The list includes

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Safari
  3. MozillaFirefox
  4. Microsoft Edge

After that, all you have to do is download or paste the URL to search for the image.

Uploading an image to Google image from your device

There are several ways to do this. Starting with the upload image from your device,

  • Launch one of the browsers listed above
  • Open the webpage
  • Click on the camera icon. This will open the search by image box
  • Select Upload Image, then choose a file
  • This will open the dialog asking you to select the image you want to upload. Once the image is uploaded, you can reverse the image search

Paste URL

Now, if you don’t have an image saved on your device, you can also search the image on Google using the URL.

  • Visit
  • Select the camera icon and this time choose the Paste URL option in the Search by Image box.
  • Paste the image URL in the box and hit the Search by Image option

drag drop

Here is a little tip for Google Chrome and Firefox users. You can also drag and drop the image into the image search box at to search for results.

Reverse image search without downloading the image

If you are wondering if you can reverse image search on Google without downloading the image, the answer is yes. Here’s how it works:

  • If you are using one of the browsers listed above, go to the website whose image you want to search
  • Right click on the image and “Search the web/Google from image” in the options that appear
  • Google will quickly search and share similar images on the new tab

That said, this cannot be done for images saved locally on your devices. For this, you will need to upload the image to Google by following the steps given above.

How to Do a Google Reverse Image Search on a Mobile Phone

Google Reverse Image Search on Android Mobile Phone

Android mobile phones allow you to search for images using Google Lens. Google Lens can be used for photos on the web as well as on your device.

From the webpage

Reverse Image Search
  • Go to Chrome on your Android phone
  • Open on the Chrome app
  • Search images based on keywords, like “beagle”
  • Click on any image for a larger version
  • Tap the Google Lens icon in the upper right corner. If it does not appear, long press on the image until you see a pop window
  • Click Search with Google Lens
  • The web page associated with the selected image is displayed

From your device

  • To do this, launch the Google application on your device
  • Select the camera icon from the search bar
  • The option will allow you to search the image from your camera or upload the image to Google from your phone’s gallery.
  • Now select the area of ​​the image you want to search. You also have the option to select a particular element of the image
  • After that, a Google image search will be performed and you will get all the relevant details of the image.

How to Perform Google Reverse Image Search on iPhone

You follow pretty much the same steps as for Android, except you might be using Safari as your web browser on iPhones. So, follow these steps for reverse image search:

  • If you’re using Safari, go to
  • Go to the three-dot menu at the bottom right
  • Click on the Request Desktop site or simply search for images
  • On the Chrome app, also open
  • Search for a topic like “beagle”
  • Tap the image to get more options
  • Click Search Google for this image
  • You get the source address of the image

Just like Android mobile phones, you can also search images on Google which are stored locally on your mobile phone. This can be done through the built-in Google Lens option on the Google app.

Michael C. Garrison