9 Firefox Add-ons for Reverse Image Search

Whether you need to trace the original source of an image, find a higher quality image, or want to purchase similar products, reverse image search can be helpful.

But without an add-on, you cannot search by image on Firefox. Therefore, here we are going to look at nine of the best Firefox reverse image search add-ons.

screenshot of firefox tineye extension

TinEye is an established company in the field of reverse image search. Currently, it has an index of over 50 billion images, so you can rely on it to find any image.

TinEye has a popular Firefox add-on with a Recommended badge from Firefox itself. After installing the extension, you will see a Search for an image on TinEye in the right-click context menu. Clicking on it will open a new tab that will redirect you to the TinEye website.

Here it will display all similar images from its index. You can sort them by Best Fit, Most Modified, Newest, Oldest, and Largest image. Additionally, you can use the search bar to filter by the website the image appears on.

TinEye helps you locate the source or best resolution of an image. Thanks to its smart technology, you can also find the altered shapes of the images. The add-on currently has a 4.3-star rating with around 60,000 downloads.


To download: TinEye Reverse Image Search for Firefox (Free)

2. Quick image search

quick search image screenshot

Fast Image Research is another extension that lets you reverse image search on Firefox. Unlike TinEye, it’s not a reverse search engine per se, but an extension that searches your image on several other search engines. These include Google, TinEye, Bing, Baidu and Yandex.

The good thing is that you can search any image on all these engines with just one click. To enable this setting, go to Add-ons and Themes from the Firefox menu. Click on the three dots icon of this add-on and choose Choice.

From there, tick all the search engines you want to enable. Then select All services at the same time of the search style. Other than that, you can change several settings.

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But to use this extension on Google Images, you will need to enable JavaScript and grant additional permissions. However, this setting is optional and you can leave it disabled.

To download: Quick Image Search for Firefox (Free)

3. Search by image

search by image screenshot

Search by Image is a reverse search extension recommended by Firefox. Moreover, it is an open-source project.

Like other extensions, it adds a reverse image search option to the right-click context menu. However, it also lets you search for images from the Firefox toolbar.

To do this, click on the add-in icon in the toolbar and select the search engine. Then select the image and it will return the results in a new tab.

It supports different search modes like select by image, select by URL and enter URL. Even better, you can capture any area of ​​your screen and perform a reverse search. This feature comes in handy when searching for videos or other formats.

This add-on can search an image from around 30 sources. These include Google, TinEye, Pinterest, stock image sites, and more.

To download: Image Search for Firefox (Free)

4. Image search options

screenshot of image search options

Image Search Options is a customizable Firefox add-on. It supports different search engines like Google, IQDB, SauceNAO, Baidu, Bing, ImgOps, and WhatAnime.

For the nerds, it has the option to add a custom search engine. You can also customize tab behavior and rearrange search engines. This add-on also has a Recommend by Firefox badge and currently maintains a 4.7 star rating.

To download: Image Search Options for Firefox (Free)

5. Image Search (by Akis Manolis)

image search screenshot

If you need a simple tool that gets the job done, try Image Search. This add-on is open source and supports six search engines, including Google, Karma Decay, and TinEye.

To reverse search for an image, right-click on it, hover over Image searchand choose the search engine.

To download: Image Search for Firefox (Free)

review screenshot

RevEye Reverse Image Search is a simple reverse search add-on. You can search any image in Google, Bing, Yandex, TinEye or all together.

The add-on displays a Reverse Image Search possibility in the right-click context menu. RevEye Reverse Image Search currently has a 4.6 star rating with over 2,000 downloads. This extension is also available for Chrome.

To download: RevEye Reverse Image Search for Firefox (Free)

7. Search AliExpress by Image

screenshot from aliseeks website

If you want to reverse search images to find products and you are an AliExpress fan, you should try this extension.

Instead of searching on Google or other search engines, this add-on directly searches the AliExpress image showing you similar products. If it finds similar products on eBay, it also displays them in the results.

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However, note that you are first redirected to a third-party website, Aliseeks. This is a product search engine for AliExpress. When you click on any of the displayed products, you are then taken to the AliExpress site.

To download: AliExpress Image Search for Firefox (Free)

8. Reverse Image Search (by Brawl)

reverse image search screenshot

This add-on supports all major image search engines like Google, TinEye, SauceNao, IQDB and Bing. By default, only Google is enabled. But you can go to Extension Managerclick on the three dots iconand choose Choice to allow more.

Reverse Image Search lets you decide whether to search all engines together or individually. You can even add a search engine yourself.

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Reverse Image Search has over 12,000 downloads and maintains an impressive 4.8 star rating.

To download: Reverse Image Search for Firefox (Free)

9. Find a picture in Yandex

find yandex image screenshot

If you need to search for images only on Yandex, this may be an option. Like other add-ons, it also works from the context menu. The difference is that it only supports Yandex.

Another thing to note is that Find a picture in Yandex appears in the context menu only when you open an image in a new tab.

To download: Search for an image in Yandex for Firefox (free)

Simplified Reverse Image Search

Unlike Chrome or Edge, Firefox does not have a built-in feature for reverse image search. However, installing an add-on can fix this problem.

The extensions mentioned above have solid ratings and hundreds of downloads. Some are even recommended by Firefox, so you should give them a try. Apart from these, Firefox offers a ton of unique and useful add-ons that make browsing easier and faster.

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