Try These 5 Alternatives to Google Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search engines have been around for a while now, but for those of you who are still unaware, they are really quite simple. Reverse image search is much like a normal search, but instead of typing your query, you upload an image instead.

Google’s reverse image search is probably the best known of these engines, but what do you do when you’re unlucky? Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to help you find what you’re looking for.

A screenshot of Bing's visual search tool

Bing Visual Search opens this list, and for good reason. The tool is a surprisingly robust, feature-rich and overall useful reverse image search engine.

The basic features you get with Google reverse image search are all here. You can upload a photo from your computer or phone, and you can just as easily paste an image URL.

Bing Visual Search also gives you new ways to search. You can paste an image directly, take a photo with your camera, or search for an image as usual and then use that as the basis for your reverse search.

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Once you’ve chosen your photo, Bing Visual Search comes with a much more robust set of tools than Google’s reverse image search. Bing Visual Search gives you more options than Google, such as how the image looks, which pages contain that image, auto-cropping your image, and content related to the image you uploaded.


Bing Visual Search also has a number of other useful features. You can use it to upload photos of plants, dogs, celebrities, and landmarks if you want. This will give you information about that particular image, like the breed of the dog or the name of the celebrity.

Bing Visual Search can even recognize an image containing words and convert it directly to text, with which you can immediately search or copy to your clipboard.

A screenshot of Prepostseo's reverse image search tool

Next on this list we have Prepostseo reverse image search. Prepostseo’s reverse image search is a bit different from Google’s in that it works like a webpage and not an extension of an existing webpage.

It has the basic features you’d expect if you’re familiar with Google’s reverse image search, such as image upload and image URL search.

Prepostseo’s reverse image search has added functionality in that it also allows you to filter your image searches. This helps prevent unwanted results from creeping into your reverse image search, a problem that can occur from time to time.

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The main differentiator of Prepostseo’s reverse image search is how it lets you access it regardless of what device you’re on. By visiting the webpage, you can access its features whether you are using an Android or Apple phone or tablet.

A screenshot of IDQB's reverse image search tool

IDQB takes a slightly different approach to image searches than some of the other entries on this list. If you’re interested in visual design or anime, however, IDQB can be an incredibly useful tool in your arsenal.

IDQB is a multi-service image search engine, meaning it will search a wide variety of websites for the image you upload there. In this case, the websites are all anime-themed, such as Danbooru and Konachan, among others.

IDQB allows you to enable or disable any of the sites as you wish, so if there is a place you really don’t want results from, then don’t worry, you can easily delete them.

If you’re looking for something a little more like Google’s reverse image search, then this is the tool for you. Getty Images is a stock image provider with a really extensive range of assets.

But Getty Images also offers a reverse image search tool that you might not be familiar with. By uploading or dragging an image, you can search Getty Images’ extensive list of stock images based on the image you had in mind.

The images you find on Getty Images are all royalty-free for creative purposes and provide you with a wide variety of content for you to access.

Downloading is easy and simple, and clicking on any of the results takes you to the Getty Images page where you can purchase the rights to the image.

A screenshot of Pinterest's visual search tool

Finally, Pinterest’s visual search tool makes the list. If you’re an avid Pinterest user, you’ve probably seen its visual search tool in the past without realizing it. If not, there’s only one reason to give Pinterest a shot.

Pinterest’s visual search tool displays a simple button at the bottom right of any image you view on Pinterest. Once you click on it, Pinterest will open in a new layout reminiscent of Bing’s visual search.

Your chosen image is on the left and related images are on the right. Pinterest provides all images, which means you can continue to pin them and save them to your account or boards.

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By default, Pinterest will automatically crop the image you’re viewing for best results. However, if you’re looking for something more specific, like the specific lamp used in a shot, you can adjust the image borders to get more specific results.

One of the coolest features that Pinterest’s visual search tool offers is that it does this process for you automatically. The tool marks objects of interest with a white circle. If you click on one of the circles, the tool crops that image.

Reverse image search engines are just the tip of the iceberg

When it comes to online image searches, there’s a lot more than this list, and a whole lot more you can do than just upload a simple image in the hope of finding out more about it.

The internet is vast in what it can accomplish, and the breadth of options available there can be absolutely fascinating.

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