Samsung launches 200MP image sensor with smallest pixels yet

Samsung and its seemingly endless quest to cram as many megapixels into a smartphone as possible have taken the next step, with the company announcing its new 200MP sporting ISOCELL HP3.

He is not the first time that the South Korean firm has pushed the limits in terms of telephone capabilities.

This latest offering is particularly significant as it not only serves up a massive 200MP image sensor, but also features the smallest pixels Samsung has produced to date at 0.56μm (microns) on a sensor that measures 1/ 1.4 inch.

This means smartphone makers won’t need to sacrifice to keep flagship devices as thin as possible when using this new 200MP sensor.

“The ISOCELL HP3, with a pixel size 12% smaller than its predecessor at 0.64μm, packs 200 million pixels in a 1/1.4 inch optical format, which matches the diameter of the captured area through the camera lens. This means that the ISOCELL HP3 can achieve around 20% reduction in camera module area, allowing smartphone makers to keep their high-end devices slim,” Samsung notes in a press release.

“The sensor also allows users to shoot 8K video at 30 frames per second (fps) or 4K video at 120fps, with minimal loss in field of view when shooting 8K video. Combined with the Super QPD solution, users can take film-like cinematic footage with their mobile devices,” he adds.

At this stage, it remains to be seen which devices will feature the new ISOCELL HP 3, but Samsung notes that “samples of the Samsung ISOCELL HP3 are currently available and mass production is expected to begin this year.”

As such, we’ll more than likely see a flagship phone from Samsung with the new sensor first, but what a device it will be for now, especially since a new Note doesn’t seem to be in sight right now.

Michael C. Garrison