How to Reverse Image Search and Delete Your Image

Once you are visible on Google, there is nothing more you can do about it. Where is he? Turns out, you can ask the almighty Google to delete your photo and do another nifty thing – reverse Google image search.

Google Images: How to Reverse Image Search on Mobile

You may have come across it but you didn’t know it was called like this: reverse image search.

One of the most useful features of the search engine is the ability to find similar photos to the ones you already have on your device or get details about where it came from.

So instead of typing a keyword to find a relevant image, you just need to upload an existing image to find out more about it. The feature is extremely easy to use on the desktop; just go to, click on the camera icon, then,

  • upload an image from your computer or
  • drag the image from another open window or
  • paste the URL of an image you found online

This feature can be used extensively by media and researchers who need to discover the original source of a photo or the date it was taken, as well as by photographers when they want to quickly discover what sources online have used their photos without (without) consent. .

But what if you’re on mobile, be it a phone or a tablet? You see, on this version of Google, the camera icon will not show up in its normal location in the search bar.

The trick is to… Request a desktop website.

In Safari, press the aA at the top left and select the option from the short menu.

In Chromiumfind the three-dot menu, tap it, then scroll down the pop-up menu until you find the same option.

This will help the camera icon appear like it does in the desktop version of Google Images. From there, you can upload photos from the camera roll.

There is a second trick you can try but this one only works in Chromium. See the image you want more information on? Long press it until you see a popup menu and from there search Search Google for this image.

Since Google Images lets you search for an image after its URL, you can also try Open image in new tab in the same menu and simply copy-paste the URL address into the search bar.

How to Reverse Image Search Through iPhone Apps

Of course, it’s fine if you’re not an iPhone user. Otherwise, you are forced to always ask for the desktop site version.

If you use this feature more often than not, our advice is to look for apps that can do the same thing as Google.

One is Reverse Image Search App, but you can also opt for Reversee which is free for Google related results but charges a fee if you also want answers from Bing and Yandex.

CamFind is another option, but note that this one is more useful when you want to see where you can find a certain product. There is the option of Dupli Checker which is a browser app and of course a Play Store option for Android users who would rather have a nifty app at their fingertips than mess with their browser.

What happens to the images you uploaded? Google admits to keeping them for about a week during which the company intends to improve its services and products. Don’t worry, they won’t remain in your search history in any way.

Reverse Image Search or Google Lens?

Doesn’t Google Lens do the same thing as reverse image search? Yes… and much more.

Google Lens is the company’s advanced image search system and one of its defining features is that it works in real time. Just point your phone’s camera at the visual you want to learn more about and Lens will see what it can find.

No need to upload the image separately as the app does it natively. In addition, Google Lens was also imagined as an e-commerce tool, so the results obtained in this way will probably present products, the online stores in which you can buy them and the respective prices.

Google Images: How to delete your photo if you’re under 18

You may think that once your photo or your child’s photo is online, there is nothing more you can do about it. But Google, at least, wants to rectify that.

There is a way to ensure that photos of a teenager or child under 18 cannot be found in Google Search, whether they are results in the Pictures tab or appearances under form of thumbnails in image search engines.

All you have to do is file a request with Google. To do this, follow these steps:

  • go HERE and start filling the required form
  • choose whether to delete some existing images or prevent the display of information
  • tell Google if you want these images removed only from search results or from a certain website as well

If it’s the latter, Google has a guide on how to approach website owners and demand the same.

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Google Images Hot Tricks: How to Reverse Image Search and Delete Your Photo

Michael C. Garrison