Google Search improves local results and image search

Last year, Google announced that search could use images and text to find what you’re looking for. This feature now has a name, multiple search, and some new tricks coming soon.

Announced during Google I/O, the new search feature lets you search without even knowing the name of the thing you want.

It could be something in your house that you need to find spares for, or a recipe image that looks tasty.

Image: Google

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Multiple search also allows for things like finding a dress or shirt you liked but not in that color; adding another color as request. Google search then does the hard work for you and, if that item is available in the color you want, tells you where to get it.

Multisearch is getting another killer feature later this year

google nearby multisearch feature
Image: Google

Currently in a US-only beta test, Multi-Search is also adding some cool functionality for local searches. By searching for an image and then adding “near me” as a search prompt, you’ll get results that are relevant to your neighborhood.

No more receiving shopping results from across town, or even across the country. It will be a great addition no matter where you live.

The “near me” multiple search isn’t just for shopping. “Near Me” will also offer relevant dining options. Imagine being able to search for an image on a food blog and then see the restaurants closest to your location that serve that specific dish.

Anything is possible with the machine learning that powers Google Search. Stay tuned KnowTechie for more information on Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O.

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