Google Inclusive Schema for Image Search Monk Skin Tone Scale Coming Soon

One of the announcements from Google I/O was a new way to filter image results by skin tones. Part of that announcement, which I embedded in my cover story, was that Google said content creators will be able to use “an inclusive schema to label their content with attributes like skin tone, hair color, and texture.”

Google wrote “Creating a more representative search experience isn’t something we can do alone, however. How content is tagged online is a key factor in how our systems present relevant results. In In the coming months, we will also be developing a way to label web content. Creators, brands and publishers will be able to use this new inclusive scheme to label their content with attributes such as skin tone, color and hair texture. This will allow content creators or online businesses to label their content images in a way that search engines and other platforms can easily understand.”

But this feature is not yet available, it is coming in the “coming months”.

Google’s John Mueller was asked about the status of this on Twitter and he said “It’s still early there, as far as I know, there are no public details yet.”

Here are those tweets:

So when does it come? I guess we will hear something soon, maybe in June or July?

Do you know how you, as a content creator/editor, would benefit from this use?

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Michael C. Garrison