Google Chrome on desktop now has a better image search option

Google Chrome just got a new way to search. Now you can use the power of Google Lens to find information about an image, or even information contained in that image.

The feature is handy, as it allows things like translating text in images. It also lets you search to find where something is sold. It’s also very handy for finding the original source of an image.

The new update adds a “Find an image with Google Lens” option to Chrome’s context menu. Using it opens a new panel to the right of the website you’re on, so you don’t have to navigate to find results.

Check it out in action in the GIF below. Once you click on the search option with Google Lens, the sidebar lets you search for the source of the image.

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It also analyzes the image with Google Lens, so you can copy any text into the image. If this text is not in your native language, it also gives you the possibility to translate it.

Image: Google

The new Google Lens search provides a powerful, in-browser toolset that nearly two-thirds of the world’s population use.

We’ve known Android phones have had this feature for years, but it’s harder to use tapping on a touchscreen. The extra size of desktop monitors makes it much easier to use other tools.

Google says this new feature started rolling out to Chrome users yesterday, May 24. It’s part of the search giant’s new push for multimodal search, with further enhancements planned for later this year.

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