Best Reverse Image Search Tools in 2021

Sometimes we find an image online but don’t know its source or where it is taken from, or we want to use an image in our project but are not sure of its origin, in such a scenario the search function by picture is practical. Maybe you have heard of Google image search service for the same. There are also other ways to search for an image online. Here are the top five reverse image search tools you can use in 2021.

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Ways to search by image online

1. Google Image Search

Google Image is currently the most popular reverse image search tool on the internet. It allows you to search by image online, however, you can only use the service on the web version of Google Image only. If you want to use it on a mobile phone, you can use the “Desktop Site” option on your phone.

To perform a reverse image search on Google:

1. Visit Google Images and tap the camera icon in the search field.

2. You have three options: upload the image directly, paste a URL on the image, or drag and drop the image directly into the search window.

3. Once the search is launched, Google consults its database and displays the results.

You can also search Google images through the Chrome browser, even if the image you are looking for is uploaded to a website. Here’s how:

Just visit the website where the image is uploaded. On this image, right-click and select “Find image on Google”.

That’s it. Google will then search for the image in its database. The results will be similar to those of Google Images.

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Yandex is a Russian-based image search engine that also lets you search by image. Like Google, Yandex also has a huge image database and thus offers the best possible results for your image search queries. The user interface is very clean and simple and you can either upload an image or paste a link to the image in the search box.

Yandex also doesn’t require you to register to use it, and it’s a completely free service. Here is how you can use this search engine:

1. Visit Yandex Pictures.

2. Now click on the camera icon next to the search field.

3. It will show you three options to search by image – using image URL, drag and drop or select a file from your computer.

Once you have selected the file and uploaded it, click on the Search button and the results will be displayed.

3.CamFind App

CamFind is a mobile search engine that allows you to search for any image or anything else on your smartphone by simply clicking on an image. It offers the best possible search results, similar or similar images and videos, shopping links and price comparisons. You also get social sharing options on Facebook and Twitter.

This also has the ability to download images from the camera roll. Apart from this, the app also has additional features like QR & Barcode Scanner, Language Translator, Voice Search, etc.

android| iOS

4. Google Lens

Google initially introduced the Lens feature for its Pixel phones. The company later integrated the feature into its Photos app for iOS users. After it became more popular, Google made it available as a standalone app on Android. Google Lens lets you search anything through images and find relevant results. It displays information about the image, along with a link to the respective website.

android | iOS

5. Bonus Tip: Google Photos

If you don’t use Google Lens on your phone or don’t want to download it, you can also use it through the Google Photos app. We think Google Photos should be on most Android phones. Here’s how to use Google Photos to reverse image search:

1. Open the Google Photos app on your phone.

2. Now go to the photo you want to reverse.

3. Tap the Google Lens icon at the bottom, then select the image or a specific area of ​​the image.

That’s it. Google Lens will now show results that you can check further after pressing the Google search button.

Here are some of the best ways to search by image online on your phone or PC. If you use another reverse image search tool, let us know in the comments.

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